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Making Sex is a scripted, original short film series, which will compel the audience to take a closer look at male/female relationships.  Originally conceived as a collective of their individual perspectives by Director/Producer Zandra Rivera (Latin America) & Candy Minx (Canada). Rivera’s personal contention is that as a society we “Make Sex,” no longer do we “Make Love”, she explores silently, the “Why?” All human beings contain both masculine and feminine energies. Because of our patriarchal society, we as human’s are unbalanced. As women, we have more masculine traits than ever. This has created a fear of the feminine energy, even a deep loathing due to our disconnection. When the feminine nature asserts her power she is a “bitch” or various other denigrating descriptions to describe courage and strength. When “Mother Nature” asserts her power over us, we are rendered powerless. Rendering the male character powerless in the first film of this collection is merely a depiction of what we will confront based on the current imbalance. These characters are mythos and NOT to be taken literally. They represent the internal struggle and dynamics of a soul’s growth into the realization and movement achieving ultimate balance.

Making Sex
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