Zandra Rivera, CEO

Zandra Rivera is one of the few women that have the opportunity to run a media company.  As CEO and Founder of Mainstream Media Ent., Rivera grew up in an entrepreneurial household, where nothing was impossible.  Her parents treated their 5 girls and 1 boy as individuals without limitations, not so much from the perspective of gender, typical to the ‘Latino’ household but rather placing exceptional importance on education.  This gave her the understanding, stamina and a competitive edge as well as the focus, drive and commitment needed to maintain steady success.

“Being a woman never stopped me from living my dream, which has been to create positive multicultural content for the American Latino and world wide audiences.”  When asked how Mainstream Media Ent., is any different from Telemundo or Univision, “We, the ‘American Latino’ populous are an under served audience with trillions in spending power.

Zandra Rivera

These particular companies have produced media primarily from a perspective of an immigrant not an American, this is the difference.  My family never watched this type of programming growing up and I certainly never watched it as an adult nor have my children.”

“American television in turn, mostly plays to stereo types, such as drug addicts, gang bangers, sluts, sexy vampress, waitstaff, maid, lawn maintenance, etc.  I acknowledge, yes stereotypes exist for a reason however what about the other percent of us that have lives like any other American?  We are teachers, attorney’s, doctors, business owner’s, etc. and it is important that we are reflected as such.  As American Latinos, we have been caught in the middle, somewhere between our immigrant parents and being an American. We love and cherish our individual cultures while simultaneously love being American.  There are future generations that need to view themselves in a positive and inspirational light, not only for our success but for the success of the country as well. There is also an untapped richness and wealth coming from 26 Latin American cultures aside from Mexico.”

Zandra Rivera

Rivera shared her plans for 2017,  “for ‘No Regrets,’ (the studio’s first Millennial originally scripted series) we plan to co-produce with a bigger studio that will help to better position the company for growth and expansion, and ensure the global success of the series.  They have several projects in development, including series, full feature films and documentaries.  Concurrently, they have partnered with a marketing company in New Delhi to support with their global expansion. Zandra is “excited” for the new doors that will open for Mainstream Media Ent., and its subsidiaries.

Included in our global expansion plan, we are looking to partner with various global investors, production houses and various content creators. “This opportunity will significantly accelerate the next stage in our evolution and growth. This will  give us the opportunity to expand and make our great content into more powerful and valuable assets for our world wide viewers,” expressed Zandra in a team meeting.

“2017 is about financial success and new opportunities to sharpen our expertise in creating world-class content,” said Rivera. “The value of our brands hinges on the expertise of our team, and we are  committed to making our company one of the best in the industry.”

Her journey has been extraordinarily challenging, the subtle lack of support from the opposite gender.  While on a deeper level and more symbolically, the challenge which plagues many Latinos, has been the widespread lack of support for each other.  Despite these challenges, it did not stop her.   “Yes, a woman can truly have it all, a family, friends and a career she says,  when you can embrace and accept that nothing is perfect, least of all yourself.  When you can fully take on that not everyone is going to like you including those you love the most. You realize simply, that this, is life, you take the good, the bad and the ugly without judgement.  I wake up every day full of life because I get to live my passion and it fills me to the brim with absolute joy!  My kids are always asking me when am I’m going to grow up… never I say, I hope I never grow up! Sometimes they simply stop talking to me because of it.  One day I know they will appreciate it and learn to never grow up!”

Zandra Rivera

Rivera has a rare combination of childlike and hyper responsible, a sense of innocence combined with shrewdness, talent and logic with laser sharp focus.  We are excited to watch her and her company succeed!
Mainstream Media Ent. is the studio behind “Sabores,” “Rockstar Reality,” “GreenTV,” “Making Sex,” “Hollywood Vibe” and “Diversity in Hollywood.”  Rivera is CEO and Founder of Mainstream Media Ent.

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